• Stereo/Type to play Tel-Aviv University Student Day 2013!

    You can help us win a competition that would allow us to play on the main stage, along side Ivry Lider, Hadag Nachash, Shalom Hanoch! All you have to do is enter this link and "like" the picture!

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  • "Feeling Lucky?" - Now in stores!! Album Release Show on Friday 8.2

    "Feeling Lucky?" is finally available in stores around Israel (Tower Record, Stimatzky, Ozen Shlishit). The official release show will be next friday at the Ozen Bar in Tel-Aviv, featuring special guest Dafna Shilon.
    Facebook Event
    Pre-Order tickets here

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  • New album - "Feeling Lucky?" now available ON-LINE!

    Buy it on BandCamp or on iTunes for a few dollars!

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  • New Single - My Sun

    My Sun released as a single, video available at the WATCH section.
    Read the review here

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  • New single - "Weird Boy"

    "Weird Boy" is out, check it out...

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  • "Adore" - Acoustic performance on TAU Music project

    TAU Music is a special project started by the student association at Tel-Aviv University, which included recording and filming live performances of student bands. STEREO/TYPE was chosen to participate - here is the result...

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  • We won!

    STEREO/TYPE will open InDNegev 2012!! We would like to thank all of the fans and friends who helped us in this close competition, we will never forget it. InDNegev starts on Thursday next week... For tickets and the full lineup click here. Plus, lots of interesting new stuff this month: Live shows, a new single, an acoustic version of "Adore" on video... Stay tuned!

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  • Vote STEREO/TYPE on InDNegev contest and join our special giveaway!

    We are one of 9 bands that are nominated to be the opening act in InDNegev Festival on October 18 - 21, and it all depends on YOUR vote! Vote here.
    Also, we planned a giveaway on Facebook where you can win a signed album and a T-Shirt... Facebook Giveaway.

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  • STEREO/TYPE on TLV University project...

    Just finished shooting and recording an acoustic version of 'Adore', as part of a project for Tel-Aviv University's Student Association... Soon on YouTube! Read about the project here

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  • Upcoming Shows

    October shows added in Ashdod, Tel Aviv & Be'er Sheva! You can buy our album there...

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  • 'I Did It All' - Now on YouTube!

    Check out our latest release from "Feeling Luckey?" and tell us what you think!

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  • New Bandcamp Page, August shows added...

    You can now listen and purchase our songs on 'Bandcamp'. Currently we have 'Adore' and 'My Sun' available for download. The complete album is available only at our live shows. Enter Here. Also, check out the 'Live' section to see our August shows.

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  • Next show - Abraxass, Tel Aviv!

    On Sunday - 29.7 Our album 'Feeling Lucky?' will be available for purchase after the show. Enter and attend our facebook event:
    Bring your friends...

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  • This week's show - Ashan Azman - Beer Sheva!

    On Wednesday - 18.7 Enter and attend our facebook event: Don't forget to invite your friends

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  • New video for 'My Sun'

    Thanks to Irit and Iliya. Go to the 'Watch' section or watch on YouTube

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  • First show - this weekend at Rothschild 12, Tel Aviv

    This Saturday! Enter and attend our facebook event: Don't forget to invite your friends

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  • We won!

    Thanks for the support, we'll be seeing you on Thursday, 21:00, Cinematek. Read about it on YNET...

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  • Last chance to vote for us on the 'White Noise' competition!

    Contest ends on 22.6 at 9:00am (friday morning)! We are so close... Enter this link (works best with Internet Explorer) click the Vote button and share!

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  • Another radio appearance!

    Today at 16:50 'Adore' will be played on IDC Radio!!

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  • First radio appearance!

    Today at 19:00 our first release - 'Adore' - will be played on Kol Izrael Radio (106FM) during the popular program 'Under the Influence'. Today's show is about MUSE and it's influences, and Stereo/Type and will featured in the Indie corner. Check it out!

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  • Vote for us on White-Noise competition!

    Just follow this link (works best with Internet Explorer)

    click the Vote button and share!

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  • It all starts here...

    Stereo/Type will be performing live around the country starting from July 2012, promoting their upcoming debut album, titled 'Feeling Lucky?'. Release date will be published soon.

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