• Biography

    Stereo/Type is a rock band based in Tel-Aviv, influenced by Brit-Rock, Grunge, Electronic and Indie Rock. Everything started as a solo acoustic folk performance by singer-songwriter Ben Nagar (vocals, piano, guitars). As different musicians from the Tel-Aviv area joined the effort several musical styles were explored and fused together until the distinct sound of Stereo/Type was formed. Original band members besides Ben are Yossi Chen (guitars) Niv Namer (bass) and his brother Ido Namer (drums). Officially established on 2010, the band (initially nameless) slowly formed its own unique musical style, made of analog sound and crunchy guitars, different from anything else in the local scene. After a few months of rehearsals the band started working on it's debut album, titled "Feeling Lucky?".

    Worked on as a joined effort with Ariel Tuchman (guitarist for Aviv Geffen), who joined Stereo/Type as a second guitarist, the album was self-produced, with mixing and mastering completed in London by Yoad Nevo. The whole process took two years of hard work. It is due to be officially released on November 2012 and distributed by High-Fidelity Ltd.

    After the completion of the album late on 2012, Tuchman left Stereo/Type and was replaced by Maor Alush (Yeled Al Hayareach, Iggy Dayan). Stereo/Type started touring around the the country, received local bloggers' attention and radio air play for their first single - 'Adore'. The band also won several competitions and was chosen to open InDNegev 2012 - a 3-day festival holding Israel's most prominent Indie-rock acts. Stereo/Type is currently working intensively - playing live on every possible stage, getting ready for the new album's release, and working on new materials.

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